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From: Steven Wagenheim

Fellow Writer,

I personally don't like all the hype on the Internet, so I am just going to make this short and to the point.

Whether or not you are aware of this, article writing and marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to get people to your web site. The problem is, most people don't know how to correctly write articles and effectively submit and market them. Even many experienced writers don't know how to write articles for this purpose because there are rules and few writers know the rules. Unfortunately, being a writer doesn't make you a writer for the Internet, as I learned the hard way. I had personally been writing professionally for over 30 years, and yet could not write the kind of articles that were required by these rules. Worse than that, I had no clue how to market them, where to submit them to, or even what to do with them when I was done. As a result, my article writing for the Internet was a complete disaster.

But Those Days Are LONG Gone

I'm not even going to try to tell you how long it took me to figure out what the article directories wanted, what the search engines wanted and what the readers of these articles wanted. But I did figure it out and now I am going to simply pass all that I have learned onto you.

So, all hype aside...This is what you will get in my book.

  • A Complete Step By Step Approach To Article Writing.
  • A Unique Process Where I Walk You Real Time Through Researching A Topic Online and Writing An Article On It. There are 3 such examples in the book.
  • A Detailed Chapter On How To Write Articles For Pay With 13 Sites You Can Submit Your Articles To And Get Paid For Them. Some Sites Pay As Much As $200 Per Article
  • A Complete Chapter On How To Market Your Articles.

There you have it. No big fanfare. That's what you'll be receiving in this 84 page PDF. The reviews that I have had on it so far have been flattering to say the least. For those who know me, you know I don't believe in putting up testimonials, but if it will help you make your decision, here are just a few. I really don't even like having to do this.

Brandon Tanner

"Wow Steven.. the new edition is great! It's given me more good advice than most article writing books I've paid a lot more for!"

Andrew Wardle

"For anyone who is using the Bum Marketing Method, or article marketing in general, this provides a pretty good complement.

This is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of writing articles. It will definitely help new writers to speed up, as it provides a basic framework within which to operate.

There is good solid advice for every section of the article, from the title, through each paragraph, to the resource box.

This is the best resource I have seen for new writers looking to market through articles."

Waldemar Puszkarz, PhD

"I must say that this is indeed an excellent piece of work. Steven's ebook is worth every penny of the cover price."

Jackie McLaughlin

"Really excellent resource...It really is filled with great information. Even skilled writers will appreciate the straightforward "writing for the internet" details and the info & resources on how to MARKET what you write is fantastic! Thanks so much."

Kenny Lindsay

"I have read your article book and love it! It is much better than Jim Edwards' Turn Traffic Into Words which I paid $40.00 for."

There you go. They're not very wordy and certainly not overhyped (Thank God!) but they're honest.

And now comes the final thing that I don't like doing.

I realize that with all the scams on the Internet, many people have been burned way too often and because of this, need to see proof that something works. Well, below you will find a screen print of an email I received from just one of the companies I write articles for. This payment is a combined figure for both writing articles for pay AND recruiting people through the marketing methods I use to get people to my site. This shows that not only does my article writing method work but also that the marketing methods work as well.

That's about it. If you're looking for a ton of bonuses worth hundreds of dollars to "sweeten" this deal, then you are in the wrong place. My book on article writing and marketing is straight forward, no nonsense, and to the point. That's what you're spending your hard earned money on. Not a bunch of worthless bonuses that you'll probably never use. This is it. This is what you get.

One other thing. Please don't expect to make $200 for your very first article. It takes time to get to that point. Ironically, now that I can get that kind of money, I have no time to write anymore. But if you're not running 6 businesss like I am, you should have plenty of time. So please make the most of it, because this can be a lucrative market if you know how to get into it.

In trying to figure out what to charge for this book, I took a look around the Internet to see what comparable books were going for. The trouble is, there are no comperable books. Nobody goes into this much detail on article writing and marketing. And yet, the prices of what's out there are enough to make me sick. The prices for 30 page books that are close to trash are going for $37 to $57 or more. This left me with a big problem. I didn't want to sell this thing so cheap that you'd think it was crap. So I had to come up with a price that was in the above range or I'd lose all respect from writers everywhere, plus you'd never think it was worth anything. So taking that all into consideration, while I truly and honestly feel this book is easily worth upwards of $50 (and that's being quite generous) I am pricing it at what I call a low price of $37. If you compare the other $37 article writing books out there to mine, you'd see that what I am charging is a joke. But that's as low as my conscience will go. So I understand this may not be for everybody. And actually, I don't want it to be. I want this book to ONLY be for people who are really serious about this. Because if you're not, quite honestly you're just going to return it anyway. So for the rest of you, I'm sorry if I've wasted your time here. For those who understand the value of something that is true quality, I invite you to try my book with Clickbank's 60 day GUARANTEE. If after 60 days you don't find your article writing has improved immensely and you don't start seeing results with the marketing methods in here, then you know what? This buisiness isn't for you and by all means please return the book. No questions asked. I'm that sure you will be blown away by what's inside.

You can get this book immediately in PDF format
It comes with Clickbank's 60 Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
So you have NOTHING to lose!

And feel free to email me anytime with questions.

 Steven Wagenheim

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